Yoga and Meditation

India has gifted Yoga to the world. Its origins can be traced back to the Vedas and Upanishads. It refers to the union of the Jeevatma and the Paramatma. Yoga has been practiced for over 10,000 years. In contemporary days, this ancient Indian art of lifestyle modification is widely regarded as a miracle cure for your lifestyle, physical, emotional, and social issues.

Mindfulness and meditation have become standard terms in recent years because of their excellent purpose. Yogis have practiced dhyana (meditation) for centuries. The effects of meditation on your body and mind are so beneficial that today’s world is following a trend to practice it regularly.

Yoga & Meditation

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Now, let us start the discussion about Yoga and meditation.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual disciplines that have their origins in ancient India. Yoga is one of the Indian philosophical techniques from six Astika schools. It includes both power yoga and effective breathing techniques.

Power yoga

Power Yoga is an intense yoga practice, especially a Vinyasa practice. The yoga style Vinyasa means organizing everything in a unique way. It includes postures in a continuous process rather than concentrating on one posture at a point. The core part of power yoga, streaming through transitions from one position to another. But it increases the intensity to improve your stress.  

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Pranayama and Breathing Techniques :

The technique of regulating your breathing throughout Yoga is known as Pranayama. It is necessary to be attentive to every breathing cycle when practicing Pranayama. The technique involves inhale, exhale, frequency of breathing, and relaxing time between each breathing cycle. During Power Yoga, you will require a higher focus and concentration. This significantly increases the exercise duration and leads to a higher amount of impact on your body.

Your breathing techniques should include Bhastrika or Kapalabhati during the warm-up session. While you are performing Surya Namaskar and sequences of Vinyasa, you must practice Ujjayi. After completing your practice of asana, you should do Dirgha Pranayama. It would be best if you can practice it before taking rest to increase positivity.

So, how effective is Yoga for you?

Yoga has multiple benefits on your body and health. These are as follows-

Along with these, you will get

Meditation- what you need to know about it?

Meditation is a method of feeling calm and relaxed. It is not all about intensity, like concentrating on a particular thing. It is more about de-concentration. When you meditate, your physiology changes as a result of meditation. Hence, every cell in your body becomes even more potential, with a feeling of joy, harmony, and excitement.

Meditation induces a new pattern in the brain signals, which facilitates regeneration. Our thoughts become more transparent, delicate, and pure. If you feel stressed, insecure, or mentally shut down, it purifies and energizes your mind with a sense of peace.

Now, let us discuss the benefits of meditation :

The benefits of meditation can be classified into three main parts. These are physical, mental, and spiritual.

1. Physical benefits-


2. Mental benefits-

3. Spiritual benefits-

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